This picture might suggest a few things. It might suggest that we have a great space for our son to be homeschooled; or, it might suggest that our son is perfect and studying math on the computer. Or, you can draw your own conclusions. That is what homeschool is all about. Drawing conclusions every day about everything around us. Learning from all things how to continue to learn, grow, develop, mature… not only in common place academics, but also in life.  Our son sometimes has an attention and focus problem (chip off the old block I’d say). But – as long as the atmosphere is conducive to his unique individuality, he can learn quite well. Put him in a class with others, and expect him to fit the mold – and watch that blow up like handheld bomb… but – give him the right atmosphere – and it’s amazing what he can achieve. That’s why we homeschool. We want him to be successful in every way we can help him to be, so we’ve decided to provide an atmosphere that is as unique and customized as he is… after all, God only created one of him… so shouldn’t his education plan, path and journey be as unique as he is?

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