This book is totally dedicated to my Minecraft Youtube watching son, who spends more time testing new games for Amazon and Android than any 15 year old should. I know that he wants to make this a career, and somewhere along the way, I should be helping him. Perhaps, this is my feeble attempt.

Some people may not take the profession of video game testing as a serious career. Video game testing is actually quite important in the development of a game, some would argue that they are just as important as the programmers.
The main job of a game tester is to go through a game, level by level, scene by scene, and make sure that everything is working correctly and that the game is functioning up to par. You will need some knowledge in programming and you will need an eye that pays very close attention to detail.


Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Game Testing Basics
Chapter 2: Put a Resume Together
Chapter 3: Prepare Examples of Your Experience
Chapter 4: Contacting Game Developers
Chapter 5: Using the Correct Search Keywords


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