Hey, we are the Cooper family in College Station, Texas. We began our homeschool journey of 2011 — for reasons that have nothing to do with a poor educational system, just a poor and ineffective administrative process coupled with the incurable desire to teach students to the test… not to give them the love of learning.

These 5 yeas later we are glad God led us on this journey. Now we can see that it was the best choice. With the advent of  more Government control of education — something which was never intended to be given to the Government– things have gotten worse. Now, we can see why God led us on this journey.

We are not your typical mommy bloggin’ type of family– Dad does all the blogging for me. That’s why it’s called 1 Rad Homeschool dad and not mom.  🙂

You’ll see all kinds of things on here from food/recipes to thoughts on education, family life, fun things and outings and more. This is our family journal. Our pursuit of life, liberty and religion. Our documents of our son’s high school educational experience.

And we’ll throw up things we’ve written or designed and offer to the world at large. Check out our history of our family moving from Missouri to Texas and the transitions in homeschool. (More detail)



Y’all come back now, ya hear?