We are long into the summer plans and last minute shopping as we prepare for: YITES! Grade 10. As many of you know, this is the grade that your high school student needs to start really thinking about College. Where will he go? What will they require? Testing? What about Testing? Say What? We have to take a test? Seriously? But we are living book-charlotte mason methodists.  🙂 lol (get over it…. find a way and start prepping for two things, tests and note-taking). Here is a helpful article on Homeschooling and College. Blessings.

As children grow out of their little pants and are ready to begin
their teens, many parents wonder if they should continue with the
homeschooling program. They fear that colleges may not give equal
opportunities to a child educated at home.

Many fears of this kind were put to rest when 2 homeschooled boys
got admission into Harvard. Harvard does not require a high school
diploma for gaining admission to their degree program. Many
colleges are more interested in the knowledge and behavior of the
homeschooled children rather than their high school diplomas. In
fact, other things being similar many colleges prefer
homeschoolers because of the diversity and richness they bring to
their college life.

Admission requirements may vary. While some colleges require the
child to appear for the SAT, others may need a general equivalency
diploma. And some may not care for any tests at all. The criterion
may vary depending on the college that you wish to apply to. But,
college courses really do not require any high school background
or special training.

It is common to come across parents who frantically try to shift
out their homeschool children to high schools because they fear
failure of college admissions. But college admissions are
open to all educated individuals, regardless of whether they are
educated at home or at a public school.

AMAZINGLY, we know of a family who’s children have gone to A & M University in College Station, TX and they used LifePacs and S.O.S. for ALL of their schooling. And the only thing asked was: “Did they have Social Studies (4), Science (4 with 2 labs), English with Composition and Literature (4), Math (Algebra, Geometry and Algebra 2 and at least a higher or a business math) (4) and can we see their community service and character references? What did they get involved in during high school? How did they help?

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