calvin and hobes

Our son dreads writing. That is until we found the right tools to teach him and the right approach to learning. There is a book called A Strong Start in Language, by Ruth Beechick. This book teaches the Natural Approach to teaching writing.

Using this approach can breath new life into your homeschool and writing. Here are some lessons to help you help your children.

Teach your Ā children to dedicate all of their writing to the Glory of God…100%. The pen wields a might power! As we teach our children that writing carries a mighty responsibility, they place importance in their own creation. as our children see the challenge to be faithful and to share truth with our society, they will find a true and lasting purpose for their writing. Teach them to be faithful to write all they they write for God’s glory, and His glory alone!

Encourage your children to become strong and great readers. Read, read, read and read. We have slowly gone through being unit study learners (reading books) to text book learners and online (Monarch) and work text (Lifepacs) learners, and notebooking some things, to now moving back again to Sonlight and become a reading family. One cannot know what others like to read unless they themselves are avid readers. You can’t write what you haven’t read about and do not know. Plus, reading will give many ideas of things to write, which will bloom into great works of their very own.

Beware of criticism! Criticism will steal the joy and life out of writing. Most critics are the ones who never get anything done for themselves because they constantly over-analyze every little detail. These ‘critics’ stifle the child from writing with a heart of delight. Instead, let’s teach our children to write what God leads them to write (just like real writers do) in firm conviction. Let God do the critiques. By coming beside your children as their encourager, you will find their desire to write begin to grow.

Beware of the editor and pickiness mindset. Both of these can be within you or within those you allow to influence your children’s writing. This mindset frustrates, disheartens, discourages, exasperates and sets up the writer for instant failure and a dislike of writing.

We’ll come back and look at more Lessons on Writing next week. Hope this is a good help for your homeschool writing journey.


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