Whole books are truly valuable for teaching all subjects that you want/need to study. How do we encourage our children to use living books for their studies? Ho do WE begin to use living books? Sonlight, Winter promise, Beautiful Books, Heart of Dakota, Living Books Curriculum, Simply Charlotte Mason, Ambleside online are all great places to start investigating.

We love sonlight instructor guides, they give you some amazing tools for the family that wants and desires to incorporate living books into their home education plans. Of course, all the programs we listed above offer some great tools and resources, we have discovered that using Sonlight gave us some great tools that allowed us to custom fit our love of books, and our family and personal education goals together nicely.

We have never even followed a sonlight academic plan, EVER. But we have purchased new and used IG’s over the years. Sonlight has carefully put together thought provoking questions, amazing writing tips, and some unique Language Arts (mason style) tools that for the price give you way more than you could buy for the same amount. For just $80 – $100 you get critical thinking questions, language arts tools, writing suggestions and themes, current events studies, and helpful discussion questions and ideas and narration/dictation exercises for scores of books each year.

Couple this with a plan for a living books approach without being ball & chained to too much curriculum and you’ve got it made.

A lot of the time we would read books, and then we would ask questions. We did not always feel like we were asking enough questions on some books, or that we were asking the right questions. Then, I stumbled on the IG guide to Eastern Hemispheres several years ago, used in a store. I could not believe how many great questions over some of these favorite loved books I saw. And, the tools for teaching, equipping both us and our child with the proper knowledge needed–it was like a treasure trove.

Go ahead! Go for it! Start a living books approach to your homeschool, don’t feel tied down to a particular program… research the program guides that seem to fit your personal style & goals and then buy the guides. Then make it work for you–not you for it.

Happy living book educating!




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