wtun-300x200 “Education is a Science of Relations.”  Charlotte Mason stressed the importance of giving children a wide and varied curriculum  because we never know which area would seize the child as a passion. She did stress that those areas of delight would teach more to a child than years of teaching tedious and boring lessons that the did not relate too. In fact, she said in her book School Education (page 163)

“Of course, it is only now and then that  notion catches a small child, but when it does catch, it works wonders, and does more for their education than years of grind.”

In our home we have found more delight in teaching our son based upon his natural interests and delights. He has learned core skills, deep and powerful understanding of other subject material and most important, a deep love and desire to learn.

Of course as we begin to tread water in the high school rivers, we are looking to continue a Charlotte Mason approach with a notebooking (we call it blogbtoking) 4Rs methodology, and we are looking to parents who have mastered this with their children. Harmony Art Mom is a mommy blog that I and my wife both enjoy and have learned much. I’d pay for an hour of one on one conversation with her than just about any one else on the net. Go check out her site.


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