. . . how colorfully and scientifically our generation talks down to the little child! What insipid, stupid, dull stories are trotted out! And we don’t stop there. We don’t respect the children’s thinking or let them come to any conclusions themselves! We ply them with endless questions, the ones we’ve thought up, instead of being silent and letting the child’s questions bubble up with interest. We tire them with workbooks that would squeeze out the last drop of anybody’s patience. We remove interesting books and squander time on ‘reading skill testing,’ using idiotic isolated paragraphs which no one would dream of taking home to read.5 

After reading this quote today, I am reminded of the wonderful opportunity we have to teach our children. We get to share with them how to react to bullies. How to love others. How to show the Love of Christ. We get to share what faith in Christ is really all about, and at the same time teach them what it means to be a citizen of the State of Texas, and the United States. We sometimes watch movies, that have a great message to discuss or even debate. We read excellent literature and sometimes classics. We don’t have to use textbooks that have been created with only what the Government wants them to learn… we can read real books, written from one person, who has invested of themselves in that book’s pages.

Right now, we’ve left any traditional study of History from any part of the world. (Please don’t be mad Miss Masonites). We’ve decided to do something fun. We are creating a TEXAS STATE NOTEBOOK. My son is gathering brochures and articles and letters from various cities and scenic destinations from around the State of Texas, as well as writing reports over the Ecology, Geology, Geography, History, Flower, Science, Agriculture, and so much more. All of this goes into a (now 4″) binder that will be a feature of the Great state we live in.

Already we have decided that we want to take a trip back down to Galveston, TX and visit some of the local attractions there while staying in a BnB. We also want to save up (which we are doing) to take a 3/4 day cruise from Galveston.  There are also a few places in Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas that have caught our attention, but the best is the little sleepy towns of the Wendish Lutheran people. Learning about their culture that they brought with them from the Old World to this state.  http://www.texaswendish.org/Pages/Museum.aspx 

Instead of the dry textbook about Texas he had at the Christian School he was in for 5 months… we are using real books, reading books, about Texas. My favorite is Being Texan. It is a delightful book filled with all kinds of stories, history and geography knowledge. It is not boring or dry. It is a movie in the mind while reading the pages in your hands. And we are having a blast learning from it.

When his book is complete to his liking, we will post pictures of it on here. We are having so much fun. This is real learning. It is learning by literature and action. Where he goes is where his mind and his questions and his thoughts take him.  On our way home this summer, we will be staying to visit the Eisenhower State Park. Now that we know when it is open for business – we’ll pack some camping gear and do an overnight stay on the way up to Missouri. I can’t think of anything more fun and more real and educational than this.


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