bible study

I am actually doing the educating right now. My wife works a job that makes it impossible for her to homeschool – and as a music director for a church, I have the ability to work with my son, and do my job as well. Not easy – but doable. Soon, we’ll be able to make the changes we need to allow my wife to get back home and take care of the house, our son, his schooling, and more.

Right now – we chose to do a 20th Century World History sweep. We’ve been using a few books, The Century, Stories of America, Stories of the Nations, a lot of different chapter and picture anthology books, a magazine spine titled Learning Through History: World War II and The Space Race.  We added to that unit 4 and 5 from Lifepacs American Literature elective, which is a great sweep of literary authors and styles during 20th Century America. We read poetry, study artists form the 20th century, look at music and musicians, and entertainment and media and all from this century.

It is actually turning out to be one of the best times my son and I have shared together in a long time. I am keeping a watchful eye on what we use and how we use it and I plan to post it on here over time – to share our semester journey in 20th Century World History and Literature. I will post a list of all that we are using – if you want our schedule and what we’ve been doing at all – just drop me a line. I thought about selling it for like $20 for the guide – but, I think it is best to give it away and be a blessing. Perhaps you’d feel better about offering a donation. Email me if you are interested.


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